SMW can provide you, the customer, with complete design services, including:

Drawing and Design Review

Conceptual to Detailed Design

Design & Fabrication Documentation

Rapid Prototyping for Design Validation




Transitioning from Design to Full Scale Production is as easy as S-M-W.

We offer complete machining and fabrication services, specializing in both high tolerance turning and milling of

small to mid-sized components AND precision fabrication of boxes, brackets, cabinets, consoles, enclosures, panels, and racks.

Whatever your design requirements we have the knowledge and

skills to punch, bend, turn, shape, mill, and weld your product to your specifications.




SMW offers a full range of finishing options, from surface preparation to coating applications.

Buffing, Polishing, and Brushing

Nickel, Chrome, and Zinc Plating

Silk Screening and Laser Etching

Conventional Painting & Powder Coating

On site Aluminum Anodizing and Conversion Coating




We offer our customers complete manufacturing options by providing both production line and custom assembly services.

Complete Electrical and Mechanical Assembly

Products built to spec with manufacturing control

Expansion to provide short or long term volume production


Turn Key Systems


More and more of our customers are taking advantage of our ability to provide complete turn-key systems and solutions.

With our unique in-house capabilities and a well developed infrastructure of suppliers and

sub-contractors we are able to design, build, assemble, and deliver a finished product.

The advantage for you the customer is a quality product, delivered on-time, at a reasonable rate, and

all this without having to manage the logistics of suppliers and sub-contractors