What is your typical lead time?

We accept “emergency” orders and will do all we can to accommodate the lead time needed. Our standard lead times average two to four weeks.

Does SMW have experience with military and aerospace machining and fabrication?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience working with the military and government organizations on precision machining and high tolerance fabrication projects. Our commitment to excellence and to the Canadian marketplace drives us to deliver consistent, quality, precision-machined and manufactured products with the most demanding tolerances and performance requirements.

What materials does SMW work with?

Our extensive experience has made us specialists in a wide range of materials, from stainless steel and aerospace alloys to plastics and polymers. At SMW we are able to work with all manner of material to bring your project to completion.

Can SMW help me improve or develop my product design?

Yes, with over 25 years' experience in design, engineering and machining processes for commercial and non-commercial industries, we'll help with the product development, cost analysis, cost reduction and design analysis for your precision machining project.

Does SMW provide prototype machinig services?

If you're looking for prototype machining services, then look no further. Contact us today, we'll take a look at your project and get your prototype machining project started right.

I need my part painted/plated/silk screeened, etc. Can you do this?

Through our extensive network of quality sub-contractors and our in-house finishing lines we are able to offer complete finishing options for your project. This includes decals, silk screening, laser engraving/etching, chrome, nickel, and zinc plating, anodizing, conventional and powder painting, and more.