Your Competitive Advantage

We believe the most valuable service that we can provide to you is a competitive advantage in your manufacturing and production needs.

Cost Effective Manufacturing

Through the maintenance of strong relationships with several material suppliers we are able to source our raw stock at the lowest industry price. Likewise, our location in Saskatoon, SK provides an environment where our overhead costs are significantly minimized as compared with Alberta, BC, and the eastern provinces. Combining low material and overhead costs with strong production planning to eliminate machine downtime allows us to offer very competitive shop rates, thereby allowing you to eliminate high manufacturing costs.

On Time Delivery

It is common knowledge that late delivery plagues the machining and metal fabrication industry. This is a fact that we find unacceptable, and as such our production planning is conducted to ensure that SMW operates at only 80% capacity. In this manner we are able to overcome unexpected delays by ramping up production to ensure our customers’ projects are completed on time. In addition, to ensure prompt delivery, we rely on reputable logistics carriers that guarantee ‘next day’ delivery service to anywhere in western Canada and two day delivery to the US and eastern Canada.

Built to Specification

Whether you require a simple right angle bracket or a complexly machined component we understand that you expect the end product to match the manufacturing specifications. The fact is so do we, which is why we take a three pronged approach to ensure that the product you receive is the product you want. First up, we use state of the art equipment, like our CNC Brakes, Mills, Lathes, and Punch Presses, to ensure accurate reproducibility in the products we manufacture. Next we maintain a well trained and highly skilled workforce that is keenly aware of the importance of quality craftsmanship. Finally, we support our efforts with a solid management system that employs checks and measures at every level of our organization to ensure that we maintain our quality goals.

Supplier & Sub-Contractor Management

Many of our customers find that their competitive advantage comes from our well developed infrastructure network. For some this means that we take care of all aspects of product development, from design right through to final assembly, thus providing them with a complete ‘Turn-Key Solution’. For others it simply means that they don’t have to worry about getting their part painted, plated, engraved, or silk screened. Whatever your needs, we can often save your time and money by eliminating repeated product shipping and handling costs and minimizing sub-contractor and supplier fees.

Risk Management & Problem Resolution

At SMW we do our best to plan for and avoid risks and obstacles that will pose problems for our customers. After 25+ years in business we have come to realize that even with the best planning and management practices, problems do occasionally arise. Rather than deny this we accept that it is true and have created processes in our management system that allow us to resolve problems. We will work hard to ensure that unforeseen circumstances don’t affect you, but if they do we will work harder to ensure that the effects are minimized and mitigated.